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A World for Guardlings

Evergreen High School color guard prepares for their first competition.

Evergreen High School color guard prepares for their first competition.

A goal I have for this blog is to create a place for guardlings to hang out, converse, and become the best guardlings they can for their respective teams.

I’ll cover topics from tips on basic skills to advanced tricks, getting along with teammates and instructors, as well as offer guardlings who love to write, a chance to submit articles on a given topic for publication on the blog.

It is my hope to tap into experts in the guard world to do podcasts and short videos.

And have Q&A formats where readers can ask guard and teen-life kinds of questions.

I may even do a run where kids can submit photos of themselves and their teams!

Calling all guardlings interested in writing!

To celebrate the launch of my book, Spin, I am looking for submission on the value of color guard in your life. If you are a current for former guard member, a high school kid, or surgeon who did guard, I want to hear from you as to what guard contributed to who you are as a person.

Submissions should be no more than 500 words. Include a head shot and a performance shot (both need to be legal in the copyright world ) Need to know your name, teams you marched on and years. City and state.

Pieces must be well written and ideas communicated clearly. Not all submissions will make the cut.

Let’s make marching season special by sharing what we love most about color guard!

Submission due by October 10, 2014

Send submissions to darciebooks@gmail.com

Can’t wait to hear from you all!