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Do we do the hard thing?

There are no easy options. All choices are hard. What do I do?

There are no easy options. All choices are hard. What do I do? (And yes, I use distortion filters on my selfies)

In all my 42 years, I’ve only majorly moved once. I’m not counting college. Nor am I counting moving across the street from an apartment to a house. I am only counting the move from PA to CO.

That was exactly 20 years ago.

Most people, including my friends, don’t know, but my husband lost his job in early January. Right as I was scheduled for surgery. It has been an insane month. And this time around caused us to fall back on our butts and think hard. Really hard.

In all honestly, in an economic sense and career sense, Denver has not been kind. The economy has been up and down, up and down. My husband has gained and lost, gained and lost jobs. Had salary cuts. Such trials over almost 17 years of marriage have taken their toll.

Both of us are tired of living in crisis mode.

And every time, we go back to doing the same thing. Look for another job in Denver. Lose another job in Denver. Fight to keep our house in Denver.

Is it time to break the cycle? Is it time to step out in faith and do something radical… like move?

We have several options in Boulder, but the cost of living there is so much greater. The commute would be killer. Even if we move north, affordable housing is 45 minutes to an hour away.

Several options are available out of state. A state where taxes are way lower. The cost of living lower, and we’d be in a small city. Which is what I personally crave.

We have so many people we love here in Colorado. Both of us, and even our son are wrestling with that. Do we continue to struggle through life where we can never get our heads above water? Or, do we do the really hard thing and move?

I wish I had a definite answer.