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My Wild Wyoming Adventure

A lot has happened since the last post.

The contract mentioned for the house in the previous post was salvaged. Those buyers got their dream home.

And we get to build ours!

Okay, so not exactly a dream home, but it is new and will not be held together with duct tape.

I’m gonna skip the verbiage and let my pictures speak for themselves. You can follow the adventure on Facebook with the #MyWildWyomingAdventure.

We are living in a Class C RV that a dear friend is letting us use.

Following home. Leaving Denver behind.


Our home until mid-September


The Bar Nunn KOA is where it’s at!


The strawberry moon rises over the long grass prairie in Bar Nunn.


Building a house is fun! We love to go see the progress every few days.


Carson is having a blast becoming WyoDog.


Voices of the past whisper in my head. Countless stories beg to be told. I may cross over to the dark side and write some historical fiction!

I am excited about this new life. I am loving my new state. And will be catching up on the author part of my life now that we are “settled” in for a while.


Exercising faith


This is the house we may be able to get if things work out. But it's not up to us, is it?

This is the house we may be able to get if things work out. But it’s not up to us, is it?

My entire world is suspended. It’s like everything is moving in slow motion if it’s moving at all. At the same time, it’s screaming along like a fully-loaded freight train without breaks on a steep descent.


A cynical attitude.


Those are life-long habits I’ve honed over the decades. They follow me everywhere I go.

Deciding to move to Wyoming not knowing how things would work out has been the toughest decision my husband and I have made in our 17 years of marriage. This new plot-twist in life is forcing us to examine our thought patterns and thinking habits. It’s forcing us to exercise our faith in ways we never imagined.

At first, things felt surreal.

Like a foggy dream.

Tuesday, a contract was drawn up on our house. All it needs is a closing date.

Yesterday, John took away some pretty large items with lots of memories attached. The purging process has begun.

We lost Chloe in December.

Esau a week and a half ago.



But I am determined not to doubt. John and I made a pact that if we chose to move, we would trust God completely. We would not pray and then doubt God would answer. We agreed to trust Him to answer in His way.

How am I doing?

Well, truth is, I am numbing out. I’m not allowing myself to think or feel much. When doubt crept in I watched multiple episodes of Downton Abbey.

I researched graphic design principles of novel covers.

I asked God to help me not doubt.

I know some say it’s important to be expectant. To decide things are going to work out a certain way… I’m not there. And I’m not sure if my expectations are real or true.  I need to focus on not doubting.

Yesterday we were supposed to find out if a  spec home would go on the market. The contract fell through on the other buyer’s end. We were hoping to go up to Casper today to see the house and start paperwork to secure it.

This house is a deal.


Similar to what we have, but brand new and not a single swath of duct tape in sight!

Under budget.

Next to a river with bike and walking trails.

I would be content there.

The seller and real estate agent are giving that other buyer every chance to save their contract. Now, it will be end of business day, Friday before we know anything. At best, there is a 50/50 chance things would work out for us.

In the shower, I struggled with how to pray about it. What if the other people were praying to get that house? What if they are trusting God to come through for them? After all, the house is build to their specs. Not mine. How can I pray for that house to be mine?

I can’t.

I have to let it go.

Soap in my eyes, I told  God that if getting a contract on their current home and getting into that house would draw them closer to Him, then they should have that house. John and I will have to trust Him for another one.

And that is hard.

Because it would mean more suspension.

More waiting.

More wondering

As time ticks forward.


Do we do the hard thing?

There are no easy options. All choices are hard. What do I do?

There are no easy options. All choices are hard. What do I do? (And yes, I use distortion filters on my selfies)

In all my 42 years, I’ve only majorly moved once. I’m not counting college. Nor am I counting moving across the street from an apartment to a house. I am only counting the move from PA to CO.

That was exactly 20 years ago.

Most people, including my friends, don’t know, but my husband lost his job in early January. Right as I was scheduled for surgery. It has been an insane month. And this time around caused us to fall back on our butts and think hard. Really hard.

In all honestly, in an economic sense and career sense, Denver has not been kind. The economy has been up and down, up and down. My husband has gained and lost, gained and lost jobs. Had salary cuts. Such trials over almost 17 years of marriage have taken their toll.

Both of us are tired of living in crisis mode.

And every time, we go back to doing the same thing. Look for another job in Denver. Lose another job in Denver. Fight to keep our house in Denver.

Is it time to break the cycle? Is it time to step out in faith and do something radical… like move?

We have several options in Boulder, but the cost of living there is so much greater. The commute would be killer. Even if we move north, affordable housing is 45 minutes to an hour away.

Several options are available out of state. A state where taxes are way lower. The cost of living lower, and we’d be in a small city. Which is what I personally crave.

We have so many people we love here in Colorado. Both of us, and even our son are wrestling with that. Do we continue to struggle through life where we can never get our heads above water? Or, do we do the really hard thing and move?

I wish I had a definite answer.