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Facing Fears

Creative Commons photo by Michael Labowicz

Creative Commons photo by Michael Labowicz

My book comes out in four days.

Exciting, but scary.

I had no idea that after I signed that publication contract, a whole bunch of fears would resurface. Or that I would develop new ones.

Back in the day, if you asked me what I was afraid of, I’d list two things: spiders and lightning. Life was an adventure and I did all kinds of crazy things.

But now…

I am happy to hide in my house. I prefer to stick with the known rather than explore the unknown. I gave difficult circumstances power over me. I tried to put my trust in myself to fix things and make them better rather than trust the God who created the universe.

The hard truth is, I cannot succeed at being a writer, color guard director, wife, or mother if I live in fear.

I must do something about this fear.

And thanks to my friend, Stacey, I have a plan.

I am going to face something that downright terrifies me.

I am going to learn how to ski.

Don’t laugh!

Skiing terrifies me. I’ve only ever gone twice in my life and spent most of the time as a human snowball. Hated every minute. And, to top it off,  I have a Frankenknee. So taking risks is something I just. Don’t. Do. Anymore.

Friends and family, before you freak out on me and beg me not to, I am not going at this alone. My friend Stacey, an instructor at Vail, is going to help me through this process. She knows what fear can do to a person. Skiing helped her overcome. She challenged me to face this fear in order to learn to overcome the others.

So. What is your fear?

How are you planning to overcome it?

*I got the picture from Flickr, added the words. I know there is a “proper” way to link to the usage license and stuff, but I have yet to figure that out. I tried, but need to do more research.