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WY Write

WY Write is the name of a group for writers who are Christ Followers living in Wyoming. The group meets the first Wednesday of each month with the purpose of honing craft and remembering why we write.

As I find articles, podcasts, etc about the craft of writing, I will link them here on this page. Any writer from any state is welcome to click though and benefit from these resources. :)

The links are organized by topic. No matter what you write, these articles will help you improve your skills.

Check back frequently because I will keep adding links.

General Craft

Lessons from the Terrible Writing of Eragon 

SDT: Show Don’t Tell

How to Balance the Show Don’t Tell Rule 


What is POV (Point of View)  and How Do You Use It?

15 Questions Authors Should Ask Characters



Faith and Writing

Christian Speculative Fiction and the God Problem 

The Mission Field of YA Fiction – Mike Duran 

For Perspiring Authors (my Pinterest Board with all kinds of links – some are duplicate others are not)