Your brother is not for dinner!

Have you ever caught yourself saying the oddest things? Things if overheard, might land you in the loony bin (if loony bins still existed)?

No, you can’t eat your brother.

Why are there footprints all over the stove?

Hey! Stop throwing litter in your food!

Drooling on your brother won’t make me change my mind about you eating him.

The dog needs his face.

How did you get up there?

Why are you in the dishwasher?

Stop looking at your brother with hungry eyes.

My face is not a chew toy!

Wait. Did you just put your butt on my toothbrush?

Get out of the birdcage!

Your brother is not on the menu.

Get your butt off of my face!

How am I supposed to brush my teeth with you in the sink?

Both of you are in the sink?

Why do you insist on sleeping in the sink?

Seriously, you can’t eat your brother!




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